Facilitating Technology Cooperation in ASIA and Europe
  • Our Proecological Patent, which will allow the use of millions of "resources" of waste iron-bearing sludges to produce a full-blown blast furnace charge. The industrial tests carried out c...
    Recycling waste materials from steel mills - produ... 23 Jan 2018
    LOBE Sp. z o.o.
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  • Biogas flaring system - Open and Close system Chemical Dosing skid complete with control panel Polymer Dilution system
    Dosing skid, Flare system and on line water qualit... 18 Jan 2018
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  • Our spiral pile is eco-friendly pile, not using concrete. Recently we install the solar power system based on pursuing eco-energy. However, it is required to use concrete for foundation and it is ma...
    foundation of solar power, wind power, fence 18 Jan 2018
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  • Enbiocons has been providing sludge solution for decades, and we are proud to say that we are a best solution to a sludge problem. Our technology allows steady production of below 10% moisture cont...
    Sludge treatment facility to produce dried sludge ... 08 Jan 2018
    Enbiocons co., ltd.
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Forests have yet another climate-protection superpower,...

As big carbon storehouses, forests have the power to influence the climate. So much so that the protection and expansion of f...

22 Jan 2018
Why a climate-friendly lifestyle could save your life

Burning fossil fuels, driving petrol cars, and unsustainable diets: The same factors fuelling climate change are also setting in m...

26 Dec 2017
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INNUS Korea, Co., Ltd. Discloses Environment-Friendly Assembled Shoes

Greetings. It is a great honour to introduce the ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center (ASEIC) to you.
The ASEIC was established in 2011 with the principal mandate of promoting Asia-Europe cooperation to create and enhance
eco-innovation of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in both regions.
Having agreed upon the importance of SMEs as main engine of innovation and growth, ASEM member countries have joined together to create ASEIC
as international platform where growing environmental regulations and eco-innovative technologies are shared
and new business opportunities are created, and ultimately implementing the vision of green growth around the globe.