Facilitating Technology Cooperation in ASIA and Europe
  • Samchullyes developed a method for reducing green-house gases and creating added value through carbon dioxide capture, fixation and conversion. The company is seeking partners with expertise knowledge...
    Greenhouse gas reduction through the carbon dioxid... 27 May 2017
    Samchullyes Co. Ltd.
    DEMAND Submitted
  • LASIDI 14 Dec 2015
    LASIDI, Member of MINA JAYA fisheries cooperative - NORTH JAKARTA
    DEMAND Submitted
  • PT. PRIMA INDO BAHARI 14 Dec 2015
    DEMAND Submitted
  • BANDENG FISH 14 Dec 2015
    DEMAND Submitted
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$1 billion programme launched to restore land, protect ...

Dutch bank Rabobank and U.N. Environment have announced a $1 billion programme to finance new ways of farming that curb emissions,...

20 Oct 2017
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(Korean) ODA 파트너 기관 육성을 위... 2017
ETC Korea
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Wiltz City: communal circular economy hotspot of Luxembourg

Greetings. It is a great honour to introduce the ASEM SMEs Eco-Innovation Center (ASEIC) to you.
The ASEIC was established in 2011 with the principal mandate of promoting Asia-Europe cooperation to create and enhance
eco-innovation of small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in both regions.
Having agreed upon the importance of SMEs as main engine of innovation and growth, ASEM member countries have joined together to create ASEIC
as international platform where growing environmental regulations and eco-innovative technologies are shared
and new business opportunities are created, and ultimately implementing the vision of green growth around the globe.