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2017 ASEIC Indonesia Eco-Innovation Technology Matching Event 20 Oct 2017

2017 ASEIC Indonesia Eco-Innovation Technology Matching Event     What is Eco-Innovation Technology?   Eco-innovation technology includes all process, system and product innovation technology that saves resources, ..

The 21st European Forum on Eco-innovation (Sofia, Bulgaria, 5-6 February 2018) 18 Oct 2017

The '21st European Forum on Eco-innovation' will examine eco-innovative solutions for improving air quality. It will bring together companies and public authorities that have already succeeded in developing and deploying effective new technol..

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Why the next Tesla should take on agriculture 23 Nov 2017

Before the driverless car, we had the driverless tractor. Yet since then, investment and innovation in sustainable transportation has captured the public’s imagination, leaving agriculture in its tracks. By developing a model that can be pow..

US Foods Announced as 2017 Winner of KKR’s Eco-Innovation Award 23 Nov 2017

KKR, a leading global investment firm, today announced that US Foods, one of the largest foodservice distributors in the United States, is the winner of KKR’s second annual Eco-Innovation Award. US Foods won the award for its Serve Good product..