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    Privacy Policy and Terms of Use

    [Items of Personal Information Collected, Purpose and Method of Collecting Information]

    1. ASEIC collects the following personal information for the purpose of registration.
      • Registration for Domestic and Overseas small business, Laboratory, Local Organizations, NGO, Public institutions : name of organization/company, contact name, address, E-mail, phone, FAX
      • The following information may be automatically collected while using services. (IP information, internet cookies, service history, login records, etc.)
    2. ASEIC collects personal information for the following reasons.
      • service use
    3. Method of Collecting Personal Information
      • Registration via Website: company/ organization, contact name, address, E-mail, phone, FAX, etc.

    [Duration of Retaining and Using Personal Information]

    Personal information is stored from the date of registration sign-up. It is retained and used only when ASEIC provides any services in relation to the event. Personal information can be immediately deleted when 1) requesting withdrawal from the membership, 2) requesting withdrawal from the previous agreement on collecting and using personal information, 3) once the purpose of collection and the use of the personal information are achieved, and the period of retention and use ends. However, the following information is retained for the specified period for the reasons below:

    • Personal information(login records) retained in relation to using services (complying with the Protection of Communications Secrets Act): 3 months
    • Personal information retained in relation to the record of personal information (complying with the act on the protection and use of location information and etc.) : 1 year